L'estampille, auberge et spa
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La maison en 1940


La maison en 1970


Our History

The toponym “Cap-aux-Corbeaux” as it stands in the name of the rang where the inn is located goes back to the first settlements of Baie-Saint-Paul.  The name found on the map of Chaussegros de Lérie published in 1739 stems from the presence of a large number of ravens whose repeated cawing brought on terrifying thoughts to the mind of the navigators.

In 1940, a family residence constructed where the inn is today was turned into a general store.  In 1970, the house took on a new vocation and became a restaurant.  Later in 1993, under Carole Bédard and Jean-Rock Provencher’s management, it became an inn called Auberge La Corbière.  In 1997, the inn was expanded with the addition of a lodge.

A sauna, a massage room and an outdoor spa have also been added to the Inn for an ultimate experience.

Since April 2010, Claire Lestoquoit and Regis Barthe have taken over the management of l’estampilles and share with their guests the love they have for this magnificent Inn.